A decade ago, the idea of a driverless car in real life would have been considered laughable. Today, it is a tangible reality. Technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace and organisations that don’t keep ahead or at least stay abreast of rapidly evolving technology, run the risk of becoming redundant in the modern competitive market. Currently, small entrepreneurial set-ups are able to leverage emerging technologies quicker and efficiently to build game changing, innovative solutions. They are agile, creative and faster to innovate than large enterprises that are sometimes too mired in age-old ways of doing business. According to the Harvey Nash 2015 CIO Survey, in association with KPMG, only 17 percent of large organisations said that they were doing well enough to handle the pace of digital disruption, compared to 35 percent of small organisations. This new era of digital disruption demands rapid response to market changes, driven by organisational transformation and operational models that can bring innovative solutions to the market, faster than the competition. Most large organisations fail in the pressure test to innovate better and faster. Digital disruption holds tremendous potential for growth and revenue generation. Enterprises are keen to leverage the opportunity but are often flummoxed when it comes to planning for transformation. Where do they start, how do they begin to leverage new digital technology, how do they keep up with the industry’s innovative solutions? These questions pose serious challenges to enterprises.

IBM’s Bluemix™ Garage solution has been developed to address this challenge through a cloud-based framework that will help enterprises accelerate the pace of development and go to market faster. This approach brings together IBM Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile, and Extreme Programming to help organizations innovate. By leveraging the cloud, Bluemix Garage combines diverse data sources, scalable systems and draws on cognitive computing technology to help business innovate faster and reduce development time. Bluemix Garage helps large companies and enterprises think like start-ups by refining development practices, operations and manage tooling. With deep integration with the cloud, infrastructure is made accessible where and when enterprises need it. The modern world of technology holds tremendous potential for those who move fast to capitalise on the opportunity. With the right resources and support, large enterprises can regain their hold on the innovation space with customer-centric solutions that hit the market quicker and with maximum impact. To learn more about accelerating the pace of development and technology adoption throughout your organization register for the IBM Cloud Innovation Forum.

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