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India is leading in digital games. Players love them, and developers do an equally great job of offering games that click with the Indian audience. No doubt, India today stands among the top five countries in the gaming world. This is a world, that is leading the entertainment slot, with consumers spending over eight hours in a week over gaming. So, what is that works so well for the gaming world in the country. Here are some of the factors that make gaming so big. 

Best of Technology at Hand

One thing that works in the favor of digital games is the technological advancements that is readily available to a player here. Unlike yesteryears, smartphones are on every palm today. They are available in a variety and are very affordable. What it means is, that consumers can pick one up and start playing right away. There are no expensive gadget requirements, that has always been a limiting factor for games. 

The next big thing that worked towards the growth of digital games is the fast and cheap internet connection. Consumers don’t mind playing online games for long hours, as the data cost is cheap and the speed excellent. 

Digital payment infrastructure has never seen a better phase. Almost any game we talk about has secure digital payment options, giving the consumer multiple payment ways. 

Gaming Preferences

Games are no longer about international titles. The gaming preferences of Indians have changed over time. They have matured as gamers. They look for games that give them a rich experience and that includes the game skill level, visuals and gameplay. When on one hand there is PUBG being a big hit, there are popular Indian games like online rummy and ludo that lead the race. 

Players prefer games that are multi-player and can be accessed on different devices like mobile, computer and tablets. There is a paradigm shift from console gaming to mobile gaming, with play on the go taking prominence. 

Mobile Games

Mobile gaming has the largest share of the market and when we talk about downloads, it is games like rummy game download that takes lead. One of the leaders in online rummy; RummyCircle has over 10 million players registered on its website. The platform offers different types of rummy variants to its players, keeping their interest levels high and bringing them back to the platform.

Players connect with games like rummy, that has roots in our culture. With the world moving online, these games have become the new favorite among players. 

The promising turn of Digital Games

The common perception around Digital Games is that they are difficult and not legal to play. Well, the smart player of today knows that both are incorrect. Digital Games are challenging, however the rules to play the game are simple. These games are skilled based and the more one works on the gaming skills, the smarter he gets with the gameplay. The games offer a challenge for the player and only with the right strategies and aptitude, the player would be able to nail a win. 

Further, there are continuous upgrades happening on the gaming platform, bringing more and more games under the Digital ambit today. One of the most trending Digital Games’ is the fantasy sports that has taken the Indian gaming industry like a storm. With players getting comfortable with mobile games, this seems just like a start for the Digital Gaming sector. 

Sociable Quotient

It is just a few years back, when games were known to make you unsocial. You get glued to your device and hardly interact with others. But now the situation has changed. Games are the way you connect with more like-minded people. It is not only in games like PUBG where you are connecting with your friends and making battle ground strategies. It is more or less for every game of skill. When you are playing multi-player games online, you are constantly interacting with players who think like you. This improves the social quotient where you have higher chances of interacting with players who have similar interest like you. 

There are online gaming platforms like RummyCircle that bring the best of rummy players together and lets them interact and challenge in a healthy gaming environment. The players can also chat when they are playing online, and this builds a community of likeminded players. 


The mobile gaming industry is among the fastest growing in India. Players love their games and want to enjoy most of them in the smoothest possible manner. With the popularity of Digital Games, players can now pick games of skill and play them on the go. All we now need to see is the growth pace and how more and more players join the bandwagon of online gaming.

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