In the seventh episode of TC Show Off, a weekly video show that provides startups a platform to showcase themselves, their business models, the core USP etc., PingOO showcases how it is rewarding its app users for just playing games. The rewards could include a meal coupon at the nearby local restaurant or a free coffee at large beverage joints.

Banking on the highly price-sensitive and freebie loving Indian customers, PingOO, co-founded by Kapil Chawla (CEO) is all set to redefine the experience of the gaming industry.

Chawla said that the intent is to provide loyalty points to the users and then get those points used back on the app. PingOO asks for demographic details which helps them understand the taste of users and redefine their brand experience. The target of the firm is to figure out how to make ads more meaningful for end users, and it is investing heavily on data analytics for the same.

“Think of it as credit cards points but earned across games and apps of brands,” Chawla said. However the company is concerned about the Indian market. “India being the market that it is, I think credit/debit card billing is still further away. Operator billing will take its own time and shape,” he added.

According to him, loyalty engagement and rewards are interconnected, so it is a loyalty platform for app users.

Though Shailesh Vikram Singh, executive director, Seedfund Advisors questioned if some of these have the risk of degenerating users into non-quality apps.

“We don’t ask users to download an app because it gives you something, but we essentially are saying that these are the apps that we use,” Chawla said.

When asked by Rahul Khanna, MD, Canaan Partners, if PingOO had a sense of where they are going to see themselves – as being an end to end solution or more of a platform, Chawla said, “I think we don’t want to be end-to-end but work with fulfilment partners’ even aggregators who work with local businesses. If we give you an award from a branded coffee shop, it could also be from your local ‘Sai Sagar’ that exists next to you, so we can build a lot of hyper local inventory there.”

Watch the video for more.

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