In the thirteenth episode of TC Show Off, a weekly show that provides startups a platform to showcase themselves, their business models, the core USP etc., AdPushup's co-founder Ankit Oberoi showcases how the startup helps online publishers and websites optimise their ad revenues.

For the same, the company makes use of advanced automatic A/B testing and different metrics to find out the best performing ads.

“Publishers today are losing money by not optimising various characteristics of the ads like their placement, size and more,” said Oberoi.

“The current players who work from the publishers end are supply side platforms and ad networks. While they probably help publishers make more money by user targeting, improving click through rates, and real time bidding (RTB), that is where they stop. They have no control over the publisher’s website or over the placements of ads. So they cannot actually help publisher’s fight banner blindness, which is a big phenomenon right now,” he added.

The company claims to have spent zero on marketing and that all its customer acquisition has been organic. It works on desktop and mobile sites and is offering its services free of cost as of now. Talking about the business model, Oberoi said that they are figuring out a few of them, including selling software as a service (SaaS) and per cent of uplift.

Anand Vemuri, co-founder, 91 SpringBoard, expressed his curiosity about the company's potential customers, to which Oberoi replied that the startup is targeting medium and long tail businesses.

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