Mumbai based Rochem Separation Systems (India) Private Limited has fully acquired Reva Enviro Systems Private Limited, a Nagpur based environmental engineering solutions. The acquisition has been done through its subsidiary Concord Enviro Systems Private Limited for an undisclosed amount. Reva Enviro provides systems helps treat industrial and municipal effluent to extract energy rich gas.  

While Rochem Separation Systems (RSS) manufactures and installs waste water treatment and reuse systems, Reva Enviro operates in the areas of sewage treatment systems, water treatment for extraction of energy rich gas in industrial units, design of water supply and distribution systems.

Rochem is a 15 year old company that has installed around 350 waste water treatment and recycle plants in India, Vietnam, Jordon, Philippines, Italy, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka based on its patented membrane based separation technology.

The company’s target segment includes the army, navy and the coast guards to which it provides on-board and off shore desalination solutions and concentrated effluent generating industries such as distilleries, tanneries, pharmaceuticals, textiles, chemicals, pulp and paper industry to which it provides effluent treatment and recycle solution. 

Rochem has also developed membrane products through its own research and has patented membrane applications, which are expected to be the main revenue drivers for the company for next few years. 

Reva Enviro was established in 1984 and has, in the past, executed projects in Turkey, Tanzania and Nigeria other than India. 

o3  Capital was the advisor to the transaction.

The water treatment space has now started attracting a lot of attention.  Recently, Chennai based real estate development and contractual mining company NAPC formed a joint venture with the Swedish water treatment firm Lackeby Water Group (LWG).

The JV has also roped in a few institutional investors who are interested in investing $100 million - $500 million in water treatment projects.

Also, Hyderabad based IVRCL Infrastructure and Spain based Befesa Construcción Tecnología Ambiental, called Chennai Water Desalination Limited (CWDL) entered into a joint venture to set up a desalination plant at Kaatupalli, near Minjur, on the southeastern coast of India. 

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