Podcast: MyCaptain co-founder Sameer Ramesh on using ed-tech to pursue passions

By Narinder Kapur

  • 20 Nov 2020

Ed-tech has been one of the most popular segments in India’s startup ecosystem this year, not least because of Covid-19 having shifted traditional learning models to urgently adopt online components.

But ed-tech is as varied as any other segment, with several companies carving out niches for themselves. MyCaptain, operated by Climber Knowledge and Careers Pvt. Ltd, is one such startup.

Set up in 2015, the company offers courses aimed at letting users pursue and act on their passions. These courses are helmed by so-called ‘Captains’, who are high achievers in their respective fields and provide mentoring and guidance.

In a conversation with VCCircle, MyCaptain co-founder Sameer Ramesh talks about the circumstances that led to its formation, as well as the ease with which the company's team was able to sell its core product to its peers.

He also speaks about the need for a rethink of traditional education, and why there is a lot of hope for people looking to pursue career paths not considered conventional.

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