Despite being a core sector in development of the economy, the education has not seen much traction from investors or any big-tickets deals. While the PE/VC investment in the sector for 2011 was $250 million, it reduced to $110 million for 2012 and for the year 2013, till November the investment was $50 million.

The first panel discussion at the VCCircle Education Summit 2013 included the following speakers: Imran Jafar, partner, Gaja Capital Advisors; Sandeep Aneja, founder and managing director, Kaizen Private Equity; Ankur Shah, head of sector, strategies and education portfolio; Mohit Rallan, managing partner, Indus Balaji; and Anand Sudarshan, venture advisor, TVS Capital.

In the panel debate, panellists discuss lack of scalability in the education sector, why investment is slowing down in education companies, why the good exits are not happening and the solutions to these issues. They also share an interesting fact like how the top five education companies in India  don’t even sum up to a collective revenue of $1 billion.

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