Narendra Modi chalks out 10-point action blueprint for new government

Prime Minister Narendra Modi set the tone for his newly formed government by asking his ministers to prepare a 100-day agenda and outlined a 10-point action plan, which would be the guiding principle for the BJP-led NDA government.

In the cabinet meeting on Thursday, he asked ministers to build confidence in the bureaucracy, welcome innovative ideas and interact with the public through social media.

He also asked for treatment of education, health and water as top priorities, creation of a time-bound system for implementation of policies, initiate infrastructure reforms and sought to build a better centre-state relation to improve governance.

Earlier in the day, he removed ministerial discretion in appointing personal staff. Such staff members who are called officers on special duty (OSDs) have in the past been associated with corruption and a link for lobbyist to get preferential access to ministers.

He said such personal staff appointments would have to be routed through the appointments committee of the cabinet headed by Modi himself.

The PM also said he wants all issues pending in the various government department because of the old government or any other reason, be treated on a priority basis.

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