Lodha Luxury, a Pioneer in Luxury Realty Offers Opulent Living Spaces in Mumbai
Lodha Maison

More than half a year since the coronavirus outbreak in India, there now appears a light at the end of the tunnel for the real estate industry. A silver lining to the adversity that has helped a part of the sector get up and run like a horse.

Today, as several parts of the country get back to normalcy, more customers are exploring the idea of luxe living, a once specialized area in the realty world in Mumbai. The idea of living an opulent and luxurious life post-pandemic is gaining momentum; resulting in an uptick in inquiries from all quarters. And Lodha Luxury has its roots in providing the finest luxury residential options at landmark addresses in Mumbai and London.

Here’s a look at the growing demand in luxe living among a section of homebuyers and the impact of Lodha Luxury’s radiating support.

Luxury Living, a Celebrated Concept Going Mainstream

Luxury residences have always been a niche in Mumbai’s real estate market. Go to any tony neighbourhood such as Walkeshwar in Malabar Hill, Altamount Road, Kemps Corner, Cumbala Hill, and Cuffe Parade, and one will observe a series of plush bungalows and high-rises. These are bespoke living spaces built and owned by the city’s finest and most influential.

A rapid rise in such establishments began early in the millennium when developers observed the sub segment. A classic example of demand and supply, consumers were experiencing a shift in their requirements, thanks to changing lifestyle needs and growing income. The Coronavirus Pandemic has only fuelled this trend where families are opting for exclusive living options in areas that provide security and privacy in a low-density environment. The prospect of living in a self-sufficient space that promises an exclusive all-purpose club, unparalleled and much-coveted solitude, superior amenities at the press of a button, and luxe living has positively fluttered the industry.

Bespoke Residence in Mumbai by Lodha Luxury

Lodha Luxury is the leader in this space, promising everything from lavish apartments and grand penthouses to private villas and townhouses through its collection in Mumbai – Lodha Altamount, Lodha Maison, Lodha Ciel, and Lodha Seamont. Each of these is a masterpiece, exuding elegance and offering a chance for true connoisseurs of luxury to experience luxury living like never before.

Here's a quick look at the collection from Lodha Luxury in Mumbai:

Lodha Altamount, Altamount Road

Lodha Altamount

It is located in Altamount Road, the residence has been designed by international partners such as Hadi Tehrani, Rajiv Saini & Associates, and Hirsch Bedner Associates.

Lodha Maison, Worli

Lodha Maison

Lodha Maison, Mumbai’s best-kept secret and located in Worli, Lodha Maison garden townhouses with a rich landscape and the privacy of a villa.

Lodha Ciel, World One

Lodha Ciel

Customizable residences housed on top of World One, the tallest residential building in India.

Lodha Seamont, Walkeshwar


Lodha Seamont

Private residences along a Malabar Hill strip that overlooks the Raj Bhavan.

Live an Enriching Life with Lodha Luxury’s Hospitality Par Excellence

Saint Amand

One name is enough – Saint Amand, Lodha Group’s in-house concierge for premium and luxury properties, which welcomes residents in all its residences, including the one in London. With a group of world-class hospitality experts, Saint Amand pushes you into a superior lifestyle characterized by the discreet personal services at the hands of butlers and chauffeurs, curated events, and access to luxe amenities.

Living in a Lodha Luxury apartment is like entering the gates of an imaginary Shangri-La with the never- dying spirit of Mumbai. It’s one of the most happening residential changes in Mumbai’s real estate since the installation of the city’s first high-rises in the 1970s.

This added comfort and security provided by Lodha Luxury are what makes its luxury residences unique. With the Coronavirus Pandemic refusing to exhaust itself and the market hanging like an unpredictable story, there is a magnified spike in demand for upmarket living. It also posits the idea of real estate as an appreciating investment.

Luxurious Residences in Low-Density Complex Is the Next Trend

The paradigm shift of choosing such luxe real estate in the toniest areas of Mumbai as a positive investment further makes it a favorable prospect. This is true even for developers across the country. Lodha Luxury itself clocked a positive Y-o-Y sales figure in August 2020, validating the shift and the improved demand among UHNI homebuyers in the city.

The state of real estate in post-covid Mumbai and India is still experiencing a slump, but the little improvement it has observed over the past few month’s favors this shift. In August 2020, the real estate market was down by nearly 80%, but this renewed interest in luxury real estate is being seen as a positive sign. People both looking for a new place and wanting to move from an existing, crowded area are considering exclusive living options, which do not require them to move out even for staycations.

Lodha Luxury not only guarantees the luxury of safety but also automatically provides residents with a means to slay the mercurial future through security and first-class comfort. It’s what makes Saint Amand and luxury living a game-changer. When venturing out is filled with dangers, it gives you protection, comfort, and security. When the reason for venturing out decorates itself and comes knocking on the door, one knows that one has peaked the broad concept of living. It confirms that there is nothing beyond Lodha Luxury.

For more details on Lodha Luxury properties, visit the website here.

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