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Seeders, an early-stage startup investment syndicate from Kolkata, has announced seed funding in startups including Sanfe, SafetyConnect, Adloid, and Kaizen. The syndicate is led by first-generation entrepreneurs from the tech, hospitality, and retail domain, and their specialties include incubation, angel fund, seed fund, and consulting.

Founded in 2009, the network is led by entrepreneurs and veteran angel investors - Abhishek Rungta, CEO, INT; Pallav Nadhani, founder, Charts.com; Alkesh Agarwal, founder, Re-feel; Parthiv Neotia, director, Ambuja Neotia Group; and Srish Agrawal, founder, A1 Future Technologies.

The funding was completed in H1 FY22 and they plan to increase the count to 24 deals a year.

With an aim to invest Rs 1-2 crore per deal, this network is enabling non-savvy traditional investors to co-invest through syndicates in smaller cheque sizes.

“Seeders is a high-impact network created by the founders, for the founders. Having been there and done it ourselves, not just helps us identify great startups but also enables us to guide them in their journey of growth & scale. Our investment thesis is centered around great founders who are committed & passionate enough to redefine the future,” said Alkesh Agarwal, founder, Re-feel & Clublaptop Expertise.

“We are witnessing massive adoption of digital across the country enabling faster market penetration and reach for GenZ business models. We are sure to see more investors coming to the high-risk-high-return angel funding space and being the early movers, we are thrilled to contribute and be at the forefront of this revolution,” said Srish Agrawal, founder, A1 Future Technologies.

Seeders has individually and collectively invested in over 100 startups. Its focus market segment includes agritech, deeptech, space tech, SaaS, D2C companies and others. Some of their leading startups include CropIn, Plivo, Chingari, trell, Agnikul, BluSmart and others.

The strength of the network remains in creating sustainable impact by offering mentorship, guidance & industry connections.

The Indian startup ecosystem has seen more than $23 billion poured and over 35 unicorns added to the startup ecosystem in less than 10 months. 

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