Court grants no relief to ByteDance in tax evasion case

By Reuters

  • 31 Mar 2021
Credit: Pixabay

An Indian court on Wednesday granted no immediate relief to China's ByteDance in a case where the company has challenged the local tax authority's decision to block its bank accounts in the country.

Indian authorities have blocked at least two of ByteDance's bank accounts for alleged tax evasion, prompting it to ask a court to quash the directive that it fears will hit its operations, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

A two-judge bench at the High Court in Mumbai city heard the plea of a ByteDance counsel who sought relief saying the company was struggling to pay salaries. After a government counsel objected to ByteDance's submissions, the judges posted the matter for April 6.

ByteDance said on Tuesday that it disagrees with the decision of tax authority.

In mid-March, authorities ordered ByteDance India's accounts at Citibank and HSBC to be blocked because of alleged evasion of certain taxes in online advertising dealings between the ByteDance unit in India and its parent entity in Singapore, TikTok Pte Ltd.

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