Get Ahead with Airtel: Propelling Outcome-Based Growth Strategies

TechCircle, in association with Airtel Business, organized one of the premier roadshows on May 19 at Four Seasons, Worli, Mumbai. This half-day event emphasized the growth of fast-growing enterprises, deliberating on the technology stack. The idea, to a large extent— is to demonstrate how can technology enables fast-growing companies to transform into the multi-billion revenue stars of the future.

Ashwin Moduga, Research Head, Mosaic Digital, kick-started the roadshow, highlighting the fact that fast-growing enterprises are going to deliver India's next wave of economic growth. He also mentioned 4 key technologies with high spending that will be driving this growth: Cloud, AI & Analytics, IoT, and Security. 

Keynote: Propelling Outcome-Based Growth Strategies

Harish Laddha, CEO, Airtel Business, set the stage with his invigorating keynote on how Airtel is helping fast-growing enterprises improve their business & customer experience and ensure IT spending is in the right direction. 

"Airtel Business is a one-stop technology partner for everything you require in your digitization journey."

He also mentioned the top 3 market segments where they are enabling organizations: OTT/Carriers, Enterprises, and Emerging. Last but not least, Harish also elucidated why Airtel is an end-to-end technology enabler for powering growth in the digital era.

"Airtel is the no. 1 IoT player in India. Airtel powers 46.2% of India’s IoT market share.”

With the theme “Get Ahead With Airtel: Propelling the Future of Fast-Growing Enterprises”, this half-day event drew attention to the role of choosing the right partner to drive: business collaborations, innovation partnerships, technology insights, and blueprint a strategic roadmap effectively.

“Airtel is #1 of its kind facility in India “Network Operation Center."

Moving on to the topic: Resilient & Future Proofed Digital Ecosystems for Growth, a wide spectrum of concepts and ideas were covered as part of the fireside chat. These included: next-gen technology growth, sustainable & inclusive growth, challenges associated with digital solution adoption, and how fast-emerging companies can resolve. 

Said Karthik Madhava, Lavelle Networks, “World has evolved a lot. Today, apps are driving it—at both personal and professional levels. User productivity is directly proportional to the quality of the network. There is a disruption in the app usage & adoption because of digitization.”

Said Alok Shukla, Airtel Business, “From Airtel perspective: One solution fits all approach doesn't exist anymore. What makes Airtel different: We learn from you. For us, innovation is the key to solving real-world problems together. Today, how the network is impacting your business is becoming critical, hence how you simplify your network ecosystem is essential.”

The half-day event included an insightful panel discussion on Collaboration, Connectivity, & Cloud for Revenue Outcomes. This session includes a deep dive into talk tracks like growth management while stabilizing the basic hygiene infra, how to pivot business, the roadblocks in digital solution adoptions, & how we can resolve them & future-proof investments. 

Said Rajesh Kathuria, Shemraoo Entertainment, “Today, people are concerned about speed, cost, and customer-centricity. IT has to align with the business. They can't work in siloes.”

Said Vinay Deshmukh, Forbes Facility Services, “Today’s biggest challenges are seamless user experience, data generation & collation, network & availability.”

Alok Shukla, Airtel Business further reiterated, how Airtel continues to focus on improvising ground-level infrastructure. "At Airtel, we are helping you to resolve user experiences. We ensure you know better, react faster, and have better planning in case of failure. ”

The event was presided by 200+ patrons from multiple industries. Airtel marked five tech domains for economic growth: Connectivity, 5G & Cloud, Collaboration, IoT, and Security, to facilitate a future-proof digital ecosystem for the growth that dynamic companies like you drive. Click here to get complete insights!

Look forward to participating in the next event on May 26 at Roseate House, Aerocity, Delhi. Get started by registering for the event now!

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