Citigroup said on Thursday it had formed a new advisory board for its India operations that would provide "independent counsel" to the bank's local management team on a broad spectrum of strategic matters.

The board will include Victor Menezes, former senior vice chairman of Citi, former Indian government's revenue secretary Pradeep Bhide, and Harish Manwani, president of Asia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe at Unilever.

Menezes will be the chairman of the board. Shirish Apte, chief executive of Citi Asia Pacific, and Pramit Jhaveri, chief executive of Citi India, will also join the board, the U.S. bank said in a statement.

"The charter of the board encompasses providing counsel on matters related to developing the corporate and consumer franchise, distribution strategy, brand building and positioning and talent development," the statement said.

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