Renewed PE interest offers a breather to infra firms

21 Nov 2015  | Ashish Agrawal

Robust capital markets also helped provide liquidity to debt-laden infrastructure companies.

Divergence in the drug businesses: pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

11 Nov 2015  | Aswath Damodaran

The operating metrics for pharmaceutical and biotech companies have changed.

The ride sharing business: playing pundit

22 Oct 2015  | Aswath Damodaran

The growth in ride sharing has been accompanied with more intense competition and rising costs.

Putting a price tag on scandal: sturm und drang at Volkswagen

02 Oct 2015  | Aswath Damodaran

Last year, Volkswagen was the leading auto company in the world.

Negotiating your way out of workplace conflict

28 Sep 2015  | Horacio Falcao

When conflict and mistrust cause a breakdown in working relationships perhaps it’s time to have “that” conversation.

Why your company needs a resident futurist

14 Sep 2015  | Elisabet Lagerstedt

Being far-sighted about your strategy can help you prepare for the big global changes already unfolding.

Searching for answer to restriction on transferability of mining leases

04 Sep 2015  | Pooja Patel & Rohan Singh

This will have implications for M&As in sectors which rely on mining for sourcing raw materials.

Payment bank entry process considered inconsistent with the rule of law

02 Sep 2015  | Shubho Roy & Ajay Shah

It is better to have 11 payments banks than to have none.


There is no straight path to innovation

21 Aug 2015  | Venugopal Gupta

Great innovators don’t necessarily follow straight paths. Often a winding path can shape their defining inventions.


Humble narcissists make great leaders

11 Aug 2015  | Quy Huy

Narcissism gives executives the self-confidence to aim high, but greatness requires more humble behaviour.


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