PE in realty: Asset managers’ role in managing expectations

28 Aug 2015  | Sumchit Anand

They help investors optimise returns.


There is no straight path to innovation

21 Aug 2015  | Venugopal Gupta

Great innovators don’t necessarily follow straight paths. Often a winding path can shape their defining inventions.


Humble narcissists make great leaders

11 Aug 2015  | Quy Huy

Narcissism gives executives the self-confidence to aim high, but greatness requires more humble behaviour.


Is M&A activity replacing R&D in pharma sector?

07 Aug 2015  | Tanya Pahwa, Ankit Mishra & Simone Reis

Indian companies have been emulating global peers in aggressively pursuing inorganic growth.

Crowdsourcing is not a numbers game

24 Jul 2015  | Henning Piezunka

It may seem counterintuitive, but too much participation can ruin your crowdsourcing efforts. Focus on careful curation rather than a cattle call.

Get the most out of your private equity investments

16 Jul 2015  | Reshmi Khurana

PE investors can avoid surprises and disputes by conducting in-depth and independent due diligence on the target company.

A $7.6B write-off plus layoffs is never a good sign, Microsoft

09 Jul 2015  | Adam Hartung

The actions we see are attempts to defend & extend a gloried history.

The story of assured returns and colourable structures

29 Jun 2015  | Abhipsita Kundu & Aakash Choubey

India’s regulatory environment has seen a remarkable shift in the last couple of years.

Has the recession which began in 2012 ended?

24 Jun 2015  | Ajay Shah

The optimistic picture shown in the new GDP data is different from what is seen in other data.

The most important questions entrepreneurs should ask themselves

05 Jun 2015  | Henrich Greve

Before starting a business, there are four characteristics an entrepreneur should have, or look for in their partners.