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Family ties help when firms go bust

29 May 2015  | Massimo Massa

When their business goes into distress, family firms have more than money at stake. Does this place them in a better position to manage their way out of trouble?

New insider trading regulations: wouldn’t less be more?

21 May 2015  | Nishant Singh & Vaibhav Ganjiwale

Till further clarity is received from SEBI, the provisions may cause some distress to corporations.

Restoring humanity to leadership

30 Apr 2015  | Gianpiero Petriglieri & Jennifer Petriglieri

There is no value in asking yourself “Am I a leader?” Instead, ask “Who am I leading? And where am I going?”

Private equity vs. the strategic acquirer

21 Apr 2015  | Claudia Zeisberger

When private equity firms and strategic acquirers meet on the M&A battlefield they come packing very different strategies and artillery. Who has the advantage?

Move fast and join things: the dawn of full stack businesses in India

13 Apr 2015  | Kartik Srivatsa

The success of Apple and Uber has given credence to full stack being indeed possible.

Why Google created a self-driving car and DuPont didn’t

10 Apr 2015  | Adam Hartung

Google’s leadership is able to overcome the desire to restrict the company’s options and look for future markets.

The danger of being Alexander

02 Apr 2015  | Venu Gupta

Leaders may find it tempting to wage ambitious crusades for personal reward, but eventually their troops can turn on them. Collaboration, often missed, can be a viable and sustainable alternative.

The eight most common big data myths

26 Mar 2015  | Joerg Niessing & James Walker

The hype surrounding “Big Data” does businesses a disservice by making it all look much too easy.

Why non-compete agreements are not always good for business

16 Mar 2015  | Jasjit Singh

Locking your employees in might seem tempting in order to protect your firm’s intellectual property, but have you also considered the potential downsides?

Budget 2015: FM raises a toast to Fund Managers

03 Mar 2015  | Siddharth Shah & Divaspati Singh

An indepth look at the key changes and announcements announced in the Budget 2015 which affect the Funds’ industry in India.




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