Crowdsourcing is not a numbers game

24 Jul 2015  | Henning Piezunka

It may seem counterintuitive, but too much participation can ruin your crowdsourcing efforts. Focus on careful curation rather than a cattle call.

Get the most out of your private equity investments

16 Jul 2015  | Reshmi Khurana

PE investors can avoid surprises and disputes by conducting in-depth and independent due diligence on the target company.

A $7.6B write-off plus layoffs is never a good sign, Microsoft

09 Jul 2015  | Adam Hartung

The actions we see are attempts to defend & extend a gloried history.

The story of assured returns and colourable structures

29 Jun 2015  | Abhipsita Kundu & Aakash Choubey

India’s regulatory environment has seen a remarkable shift in the last couple of years.

Has the recession which began in 2012 ended?

24 Jun 2015  | Ajay Shah

The optimistic picture shown in the new GDP data is different from what is seen in other data.

The most important questions entrepreneurs should ask themselves

05 Jun 2015  | Henrich Greve

Before starting a business, there are four characteristics an entrepreneur should have, or look for in their partners.

Family ties help when firms go bust

29 May 2015  | Massimo Massa

When their business goes into distress, family firms have more than money at stake. Does this place them in a better position to manage their way out of trouble?

New insider trading regulations: wouldn’t less be more?

21 May 2015  | Nishant Singh & Vaibhav Ganjiwale

Till further clarity is received from SEBI, the provisions may cause some distress to corporations.

Restoring humanity to leadership

30 Apr 2015  | Gianpiero Petriglieri & Jennifer Petriglieri

There is no value in asking yourself “Am I a leader?” Instead, ask “Who am I leading? And where am I going?”

Private equity vs. the strategic acquirer

21 Apr 2015  | Claudia Zeisberger

When private equity firms and strategic acquirers meet on the M&A battlefield they come packing very different strategies and artillery. Who has the advantage?