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Google's failure to show cause to CCI costs Rs. 10 Million- A Legal Perspective

10 Apr 2014  | M.S. Ananth & Pratibha Jain

Although from Google’s contentions it would seem that Google did all that it could reasonably be expected to, it would seem that CCI has unfairly drawn an adverse inference against the belated submission / non-submission.

Unlocking the secrets of entrepreneurial innovation: How to create a killer app

01 Apr 2014  | Jason P. Davis

Entrepreneurs in mobile ecosystems are learning how to create killer applications that can disrupt resource rich, entrenched players.

A look at the key provisions of the CSR Regime

04 Mar 2014  | Surbhi Kejriwal & Harsh Kabra

The norms do clarify some doubts that will lead to a more effective CSR implementation.

Content Strategy is King in Social Media

04 Feb 2014  | David Dubois

Building true social media engagement means creating a content strategy to hook the audience, not just being on social media.

Foreign investors permitted to put: Some cheer, some confusion

20 Jan 2014  | Aditya Shukla, Shreya Rao & Ruchir Sinha

The validity and enforceability of put options has always been a bone of contention from an Indian securities law and exchange control perspective.

Finding your network advantage

14 Jan 2014  | Andrew Shipilov & Henrich R. Greve

Companies have access to untapped value in their partnership networks, but many miss out on the available opportunities.

Value in the eye of the storm: Why you should welcome uncertainty!

08 Jan 2014  | Aswath Damodaran

Cash in an envelope is easier to value than an ongoing business, an ongoing stable business is easier to value than a young, growing business and valuations in general are easier when interest rates and economic growth are stable/predictable than when they are not.

The role of leaders in helping others find meaning at work

23 Dec 2013  | Schon Beechler

Executives I work with often become so entangled with the enormity of their positions in guiding their organisations to success that they often lose sight of their role in helping their employees sustain their energy and commitment to that success by staying connected to what is meaningful in their lives.

Are M&A rules for telecom a catalyst for consolidation?

09 Dec 2013  | Lalit Kumar

The telecom industry is unlikely to immediately catalyse consolidation though it could be a reality in the near future.

Options in securities are now valid

25 Nov 2013  | Lalit Kumar

The only piece now left ambiguous is from FEMA’s perspective with respect to such options with non-resident shareholders.




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