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Budget will allow government to leverage IT to enhance growth

21 Jul 2014  | Gaurav Sharma

The key is the implementation of the objectives that have already been laid down.

Budget 2014: A significant booster for REITS

11 Jul 2014  | Siddharth Shah & Divaspati Singh

It appears that with the tax proposals now being in place, we may finally see REITs seeing the light of the day.

India Budget 2014: Is it a ‘Goal’?

10 Jul 2014  | Anil Talreja

While those who focus more on the capital market side of the business are relishing, the folks who do more activity on the private side (including PE houses) do not have much to cheer.

Railways Budget: A gravy train for the investors?

09 Jul 2014  | Nishant Singh

In the days ahead, this Railways Budget will hopefully whet the appetite of investors.

Budget 2014: Spade-work for a reboot

03 Jul 2014  | Siddhartha Sanyal & Rahul Bajoria

Furthermore, in the run-up to the union budget, the government looks to have made all the right noises and consequently expectations for its maiden budget are high.

The fallout of ceo narcissism

11 Jun 2014  | Guoli Chen

Self-assured, charismatic and brazen, highly narcissistic CEOs can undermine strategic decision-making.

What makes a good chairman?

16 May 2014  | Stanislav Shekshnia & Timothy Rowley

Good chairs know whom they are accountable to and it’s not shareholders or employees.

What “boss-less” firms can teach us

06 May 2014  | Phanish Puranam

A handful of “flat” firms are inspiring industry leaders to rethink the organisational hierarchy. But what’s so special about these firms, and why now?

Why engineers make great CEOs

24 Apr 2014  | Yasser Al-Saleh

They are detail-oriented, analytical and trained in systematic problem-solving; engineers' basic qualities make them good candidates for the top.


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