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The eight most common big data myths

26 Mar 2015  | Joerg Niessing & James Walker

The hype surrounding “Big Data” does businesses a disservice by making it all look much too easy.

Why non-compete agreements are not always good for business

16 Mar 2015  | Jasjit Singh

Locking your employees in might seem tempting in order to protect your firm’s intellectual property, but have you also considered the potential downsides?

Budget 2015: FM raises a toast to Fund Managers

03 Mar 2015  | Siddharth Shah & Divaspati Singh

An indepth look at the key changes and announcements announced in the Budget 2015 which affect the Funds’ industry in India.

Will the Union Budget 2015-16 Provide a Shot in the Arm to the PE/VC?

28 Feb 2015  | Vijay Sambamurthi

May be this is not a blockbuster Budget, but it certainly is a pretty good Budget that focuses on some of the important nuts and bolts.

Private Equity in 2014: Lessons learnt and expectations in 2015!

17 Feb 2015  | Dipanshu Singhal, Deepak Jodhani & Ruchir Sinha

India witnessed an increase in the number and size of PE investments made in 2014 to around $11.5 billion, a 17 per cent higher compared to the same period last year.

Make mistakes part of your career success

05 Feb 2015  | Jane Williams & Gilles Hilary

Exposing yourself to risk and failure can help push you up the career ladder. Just make sure someone’s watching.

Negotiating deals from a position of powerlessness

09 Jan 2015  | Michael Schaerer & Roderick Swaab

When you are negotiating a deal it pays to have viable alternatives to fall back on – or at least that’s what most people think. New research suggests that being powerless can be liberating and help you achieve better deals.

The key features of GST Constitutional Amendment Bill 2014

22 Dec 2014  | BMR Edge

This Bill replaces an earlier one introduced in 2011 by the erstwhile government which had since lapsed.

Myths can hide trends – budweiser & the craft beer fallacy

19 Dec 2014  | Adam Hartung

Just as decline in Boomer population and consumption has hurt the once great beer brands, we can look at the growth in Hispanic demographics and see a link to sales of growing brands.

Everyone knows TV is dying, yet marketing leaders over-spend on TV

12 Dec 2014  | Adam Hartung

People are turning to downloaded entertainment, mostly on their mobile devices.



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