Why local companies are winning in emerging markets

02 Feb 2016  | Jose Santos

When entering emerging economies, multinationals should get genuinely involved and actively participate in the development of local markets rather than just adapt to them.

The marketplace of controversies - clarity or more confusion

11 Jan 2016  | Ketan Kothari, Rabindra Jhunjhunwala & Abhiraj Krishna

There appears to be a definite conflict between the modern electronic way and the time tested “brick and mortar” way of conducting business.

The compressed tech life cycle: the investor challenge

22 Dec 2015  | Aswath Damodaran

It’s time to revisit the valuation metrics and models we have been using for decades.

The compressed tech life cycle: the managerial challenge

19 Dec 2015  | Aswath Damodaran

Three strategies tech firms can adopt to survive.

Aging in dog years? The short, glorious life of a successful tech company

10 Dec 2015  | Aswath Damodaran

Tech companies can grow quickly but their competitive advantages are fleeting and quickly deplete.

Even millennials need middle managers

04 Dec 2015  | Quy Huy

Middle managers could take the lead in a changing corporate world.

Renewed PE interest offers a breather to infra firms

21 Nov 2015  | Ashish Agrawal

Robust capital markets also helped provide liquidity to debt-laden infrastructure companies.

Divergence in the drug businesses: pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

11 Nov 2015  | Aswath Damodaran

The operating metrics for pharmaceutical and biotech companies have changed.

The ride sharing business: playing pundit

22 Oct 2015  | Aswath Damodaran

The growth in ride sharing has been accompanied with more intense competition and rising costs.

Putting a price tag on scandal: sturm und drang at Volkswagen

02 Oct 2015  | Aswath Damodaran

Last year, Volkswagen was the leading auto company in the world.


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