In the 27th episode of TC Show Off, a weekly show that provides startups a platform to showcase themselves, their business models, the core USP etc., Pied Piper Labs' CEO Vinay Anand showcases how the startups' news-based application 'Pipes' allows its users to track the things they love.

It has a built in system that is totally independent of any third party API, so once the app collects news from sources, it analyses the data through various algorithms, post which the content is displayed to the users.

"What we aim to do with Pipes is basically empower users and give them what they want to track," said Anand.

The Mumbai-based startup was founded in December last year and currently claims to have 70,000 users. For revenue generation, the startup plans to monetise its API 'Toast', which provides a clutter free display.

Watch the video for more.

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