Satyam Computer Services Limited said today its top leaders have pledged to remain in the company and work jointly to steer the organization following shocking disclosures by its founder and chairman Mr. Ramalinga Raju of financial irregularities.

Ten of the most senior executives of Satyam, including interim CEO Mr. Ram Mynampati, gathered at its headquarters in Hyderabad, have collectively committed not to resign from the company which has approximately 53,000 associates. Approximately 40 other top managers from various geographical regions – known as the “Leadership Council” – have also given their commitment to remain in the company.

The company will hold a press conference at 5 pm in Hyderabad to outline an action plan to address key concerns of various stakeholders including customers, investors, employees and business partners.

“Satyam is facing a major crisis in which the unity and clear strategic direction of its top leadership are of paramount importance. This collective commitment will serve to significantly assuage concerns of various stakeholders in a highly fluid and challenging situation,” the leaders added.

The ten top managers in the leadership team are:

Mr. Ram Mynampati, interim CEO

Mr. Subu D. Subramanian, Head, Manufacturing & Automotive

Mr. T.R. Anand, Head of Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Media & Entertainment and Semiconductors

Mr. Keshab Panda, Head, Europe, Energy & Utilities

Mr. Virender Aggarwal, Head of Asia Pacific, India, Middle East, Africa

Mr. Manish Mehta, Head, SAP & Testing Practices

Mr. A.S. Murthy, Head, Global Delivery and Global Leadership Development

Mr. Murali Venkataramani, Head, Commercial

Mr. Hari Thalapalli, Head of Marketing

Mr. S.V. Krishnan, Head of Human Resources

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