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MakeMytrip: Fact Sheet & Timeline

04 August, 2010

MakeMyTrip Segment Revenues (In $ million)


The company has cut its losses from $18.89 million FY08 to $7.35 million in FY09 to $6.2 million in FY10.

Number of transactions (In ‘000s)

                                                  2008            2009        2010 

Air ticketing                              1,029.1         1,250.8    1,766.9

Hotels and packages                     36.9              81.3       109.7

MakeMyTrip has shown an improvement in net revenue margins in air ticketing from 7.1% in 2008 to 7.6% in 2010. Net revenue margins for hotels and packages improved from 8.9% to 14% in the same period.

Use of IPO Proceeds – MakeMyTrip intends to use the net proceeds received from this offering to expand our operations by acquiring or investing in strategic businesses or assets that complement its service and product offerings. It also plans to invest in enhancements to technology, as well as for working capital and other general corporate purposes.


SAIF Partners is the largest share with a 51.32% stake.

Deep Kalra, Co-founder & CEO – 14.45%

Tiger Global Private Investment Partners – 12.14%

Helion Ventures – 11.97%

Sierra Ventures – 7.98%


MakeMytrip Timeline

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Ravi Venkatraman . 6 years ago

An important note from the SEC filing is missing in this Fact Sheet.


Note: * Our internal reporting assigns the revenue related to airline tickets issued as a component of a Company developed tour and package to the air ticketing segment. Revenue in this segment is recorded on a net basis. For the external reporting, such revenue is recorded gross, since we act as a principal for the tour and packages. Therefore, the reclassification deducts the net revenue in the air ticketing segment and adds the gross revenue to the hotels and packages segment revenue.

In their hotels and packages business, their revenue represents the total amount paid by their customers for these travel services and products and the cost of procuring the relevant services and products are classified as service cost.

This is highly debatable

arjun . 6 years ago

A lot of numbers don’t seem to make sense. If we were to do a simple calculation air-ticket revenue (1mn txns,avg ticket size 6000, gross thru put Rs.6 bn, revenue at 7.5%) is Rs.46 crore. Similarly for packages, revenue is (37k txns, avg ticket size 20k, gross thru put at Rs.740 mn, revenue at 14%) is Rs.10 crore. So basically, its a total 56 crore revenue unless I am missing something!!

Sha . 6 years ago

Is there any analysis available online which compares the valuation/metrices aimed/achieved by Makemytrip with other NASDAQ listed travel company (like Orbitz).

Also–Is there any geographical breakup available of Makemytrip revenues/margins (Doemstic/International)

Karthik . 6 years ago

$ 83.56 M in revenues!!! haa haa 🙂

Are Nasdaq investors dumb enough to buy that?

MakeMytrip: Fact Sheet & Timeline

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