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NEA may invest 15% of new fund In India, to focus on healthcare, PIPEs

BY  Madhav A Chanchani
NEA 14, which raised $2.6B in two months, is one of the largest global venture capital funds.

After raising one of the largest venture capital funds globally last month, New Enterprise Associates Inc. (NEA) has already started deploying capital from this vehicle in India. The PE firm invested Rs 84 crore in Trishe Developers, which provides a gamut of services to wind-power infrastructure developers.

NEA 14, which raised $2.6 billion in two months, may end up investing 15 per cent of its corpus or $390 million in the country, said Bala Deshpande, senior managing director at New Enterprise Associates (India) Pvt. Ltd. The fund is upbeat about investing more capital in healthcare besides looking at emerging...

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