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ChrysCapital part exits Hexaware Technologies with around 3x returns

BY  Madhav A Chanchani
ChrysCap's stake sale comes as Baring Asia has bought 4.14 per cent stake in Hexaware from markets, inching closer to majority stake mark.

Private equity firm ChrysCapital has sold nearly half of its stake in Hexaware Technologies Ltd, which is being acquired by Baring Private Equity Asia, for around Rs 173 crore (around $26 million). The private equity firm, which held 9.59 per cent stake as of June 30, sold 4.54 per cent stake or nearly 13.6 million shares since August 30.

On Thursday, ChrysCapital sold 1.62 per cent stake or 4.86 million shares on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) as a part of the transaction.

While the shares were sold for Rs 126.51 per unit on BSE, they...

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